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Esl 33x - an Intruder Paper

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iSoreach Sang

Professor Kelicia Phelps  


10 October 2017

An Intruder Paper

Marie was “in the nightclub like a bush-baby”(simile, marie is a small person) and James was there too. James makes his move get contact with Marie. James was married between two to three times. Once James meets Marie, “Seago’s back in circulation”(metaphor, James is back to his same old). James speaks with Marie’s mother, saying that he’s fortunate to have Marie. Mrs. Clegg thinks that James is an attractive man, who is so gentle to Marie. Mrs. Clegg is okay with James takes her daughter out with rough friends every night. Marie’s mother only had one child. Mrs. Clegg is a single mom, who works as a pastel painter for a horsy set and many tourist shops. James was married to Marie, their marriage was not fancy at all, just a quick one. After marriage, they found a cheap department. Their department was uncomfortable to live. Later, Marie got pregnant. However, James and Marie never stopped enjoying their time at parties and drinking. James seems to never get drunk, yet afterward, he cannot remember a thing. One morning, after they woke with confusion and found their department is a complete disorder. None of them know what had happened, cannot remember a thing. Marie had thoughts of her baby once he/she is born, is that she does not want her baby to grow up in this such of place. Later, they moved out of the flat.

Personality is the way we determine what people are. Whether they are introvert, extrovert, energetic, funny, lazy, and etc. Not everyone's the same. Personally, I think that people’s personalities are determined at birth. First of all, the reason why I say that is because I see it in myself. How? I compare myself with my grandma, aunts, mom, and cousins. My personality is just like them, like the people who take care of me and spend much time with me. My personalities are just slightly different from what I was younger. So, my personality is developed by the people and environment around me. That is how my personality is determined, from my birth. Furthermore, another reason is that “Personality is the combination of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that make you unique.... A person’s personality forms during their childhood…” (T. Glenn Pait, M.D.) As said above, personality is developed during childhood, which is since birth. In the transcript above also said, the environment that we grew up in may influence our personality. Meaning that, how we feel, the way we think, the way we act is developed through our life. Everyone has different personalities because we all go through life differently.



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