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Erp Project Creation and Usage

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Essay Preview: Erp Project Creation and Usage

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Because Riordan Manufacturing is the leading global industry manufacturing company of plastic injection molding, there are specific business requirements that are necessary to consistently outperform the competitors. Although Riordan Manufacturing currently holds the title of the industry lead, it is necessary to acknowledge that different changes and improvements have to be constantly made to keep up with the industry's standards and uphold the title as the leader. The implementation of an Enterprise Resource Planning system will have many advantages and will allow the organization to perform consistently and efficiently. This new system will track and manage raw material, while accounting for every plant by keeping an entire product inventory of every location. Enterprise resource planning systems assist businesses in incorporating corporate cross-functions. Some of these functions include distribution, inventory control and tracking, finance and project management. Another key advantage of the utilization of an ERP system is data integration. The integration of data will enable the sharing and exchange of data. An example of this type of integration would be the integration of the Enterprise Resource Planning system with supply chain management which allows partners to facilitate the interactions between the supplier and customers while minimizing transaction costs. To guarantee success for the organization, improvements in business processes should be made to assure accuracy, completeness and accessibility.



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