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Empowering Employee

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Job Satisfaction

Finding a job is very hard; the economy is at a low and making sure that you have job security is very important. Your job should be a job that you enjoy. Companies are looking for people that are of some value and can offer the organization something. Staying motivated and trying to keep your coworkers motivate may help the keep steady work in the organization.

When you see your organization facing a challenge you can look at it as an opportunity. Turning the situation into an opportunity you can show the company what values you have to offer. Looking at the situation as a learning tool is a way to motivate your self. The more you can learn about the company could be a way for you to grow within the company.

When I am trying to motivate myself at work I try to think of all positive outcomes and what I can offer as a team member. Working as a temp I know that I need to show the employer that I am a harder work and have a lot to offer the company.

When I start a new position I want to give it my all, and I do that by mastering each project or position that is given to me. I ask questions to make sure I understand what is expected of me in the position. Going to school is a big plus because it gives me a chance to apply my education and when I can apply what I have learned school; I see it as a positive outcome which makes me motivated to see if how I can apply my knowledge in other situations. The motivation for me is making an impression on the boss that would make them want to hire me and knowing that if I get hired I will be offered more money and benefits. My attempt to learn all jobs that within the office is something else that motivates me. I have learned to be a team player and to do so I must learn how the office is run. I have to learn that when you are at a slow point in the office you should ask co-workers to show you how there job is done. When the co-worker is explaining what they job is; make sure that you are taking notes and expressing interest in what they are teaching you. After showing what you can offer the company; the praise from managers and supervisors will help you build your confidence in what you are doing and motivate you for more positive outcomes.

When trying to motivate other to have positive outcomes; you must have a positive influence. You have to give them examples of things that you have accomplished. In my position, I have had



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