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Essay Preview: Emotion

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There are many ways for human beings to experience an emotion, many of which are brought on through various life experiences whether it be a positive or negative one. With so many different emotions that are possible for one to feel, they can be expressed in many different ways whether it be verbal, through facial expressions, a nuerophysiological change, or simply through a behavior. Since an emotion is brought upon by some sort of an external occurrence such as a complement, or the sight of a horrible car accident, emotions are unpredictable since one never knows exactly what experiences that will occur throughout the day will be. One can only be prepared as to how to deal with an emotion based upon a prior or similar experience.

With so many emotions possible for the human mind and body to feel, there is a set of basic emotions that are regularly experienced yet combinations of these are also experienced---joy, fear, envy, love, anger, and hatred. The mind can use these basic emotions as a survival instinct and also use them to interpret what these events causing this particular emotion mean. Emotions are used as drive mechanism that leads to impulses and direction through the particular feeling occurring in the mind at the present time. This can be beneficial or damaging, depending on the level of rationality the person is capable of or the intensity of the emotion, which can often times offer no voluntary control by the person. For example, the dark and extreme sad feeling that occurs during


depression is out of the control of the person it is affecting. With the many emotions one is capable of feeling; there are many different verbal ways to express them. Linguistics is an effective way of conveying emotions to others in order to receive an effective response. Since there are so many emotions it is not possible to have a set of vocabulary to label each particular emotion that is easily understood and relatable to all on a universal level.

The average American deals with so many stressors on a day to day basis that the list could go on for pages, yet the effects they cause are few. These stressors cause not only emotional stress, but also bring upon bodily stress. People begin to feel strain when they feel they do not have enough resources to deal with the current stressful situation and have to learn to cope with what is available to them. Stress brings upon feelings of hopelessness, and depression and these all contribute to physical symptoms and sicknesses such as stomachaches, infections, nausea, and sleeping problems.

While almost every emotion has been felt by everybody, certain people are more susceptible to feel certain emotions more than others due to their personality. Different personality traits serve as a link between experiences and emotional outcome. People that are more likely to have good time management skills are less likely to feel as much stress as those who tend to procrastinate. A sense of humor also contributes to alleviating stress because it enhances a positive mood through life appraisals.

Depending on the emotion



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