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Emerald Dunes

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Emerald Dunes is one of the best public Golf Courses in Florida. It is located in West Palm Beach, FL. The Golf Course is ranked in the top 10 fee courses in America. This Course was design by Tom Fazio and the presindent is Ray Finch. What makes this course differnet is the vision of Ray Finch which was to make a unique golf course at the edge of high technology, such as satellite technology which not only will improve customer satifaction into another level of golf experience, but also if very helpull in reducing day-to-day costs.

This golf course is manage by Prolink technology. As a result of the acquisition of this technology, Emerald Dunes has become very successful

exeeding customer expectaions. The operations changes made in Emerald Dunes by Ray Finch are a conbinations of re-engineering and later he made some continuous improvements. Re-engineering with the Prolink satellite technology later Finch decisive measures in making the course a shocase of technology driven management and marketing he applied the duffer and the scratch that helped Emerald Dunes outshine yout average links. Such as, the automated reservations system, a computer traking system that helps keep play takes well paced and off course the space age electronic caddies in every golf cart.

Thanks to all the operational changes that Finch did, Emerald Dunes became the most advanced links in the country. While operating this computer area, it has given Emerad Dunes great control in their work. This operations would help Finch reduce costs and have a leaner operation. This operation machine would also have revenue reports, compile point of sale, accounting procidures, monitor inventory in which it would help them in any way. Since the purchase of the new software, the client could make a booking by such using a touch tone phone. This elevates the customer satisfaction extremely high.

Another improvement in technology is that you can field a request of huge groups of people in just five minutes. It can tell you exactly when and the availability of a tee. This new technology is making cost, quality, customers satisfaction and competitive advantage in just one simple incredible machine. For exmple, Marcia Mollere, Mareting sales person in the Ritz Carlton said "Emerald Dunes is able to give you a higher level of service because of its system The Wiring of the Green" Emerald Dunes softaware tells them how to operate and utilize their Golf course and time which is an icredible advantage for them.

Finch continued making improvement to Emerald Dunes they bought newer technologies such as earth-orbiting satellite tracking golf carts on the fairways. This technology was also provided by Prolink. With this new technology they knew how players were playing in the fairways. For example, if some were behind they informed their players by sending them a messages to their carts which have a TV monitors. Which this Emerald Dunes reduce cost by cutting down course ranges in their fairways. This also helped them reduce time on the average round.

Emerald Dunes had great advantages with the TV monitors carts. Becauses they can put ads, therofore



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