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Effects of the Mongols

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Effects of the Mongols

The raids and invasions of the Mongols had major impacts on the political and economic systems of China and Persia. The Mongols were a very powerful army that defeated nearly every other army that came against them. The Mongols were skilled soldiers because they were good at archery even when riding horses. The speed that the Mongols had gave them an advantage when battling other armies. Not only did they have skill and speed but they also had discipline and wise tactics. All these skills that they had permitted them to conquer regions like China and Persia. As they conquered China and Persia they affected both of their economic system by causing financial problems, in China they concluded the Yuan Dynasty, and placed foreign administrators in charge as well in China.

Firstly, the Mongols lead to the economic troubles in Persia and China. These financial troubles changed the perspectives of the people in China and Persia. In Persia, under the rule of the Mongols, excessive spending caused the fail of the treasury. In this case paper money was introduced. However, it was a fail because instead of driving metals into the government, merchants closed their shops causing financial problems. Paper money in China had also failed because they did not appear to be to any value. As a result prices rose as a reflection to its fail. The Mongol rule caused these economic problems with paper money in both Persia and China.

On the contrary, a political effect of the Mongol rule in China was the decline of the Yuan Dynasty. Due to the decline the government had to go through drastic events. The government of China faced power struggles, imperial assassinations, and civil war. While China faced the decline of the Yuan Dynasty, Persia faced the collapse of the Ilkhanate. The government devolved to local levels until a central government was reintroduced. Mongol rule caused the downfall of the government in China.

In addition the Mongols affected the administration in China. The person in charge was always a foreigner because the Mongols didn’t trust leaving the people of China in charge. They placed Arabs, Persians, and even Europeans in charge of the government. They put these foreigners in charge instead of having to exterminate the people of China and convert China into pastureland for their horses. In Persia, the people there got to rule the Ilkhanate as long as they delivered



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