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children were expected to attend schools where the King James Bible was read, where Protestant hymns were being sung, where prayers were being recited, but most importantly where textbooks and the entire slant of the teaching was very much anti Irish and very much anti Catholic."

"Many schools required that students recite passages from the Bible, or the Lord's Prayer. Christian holidays were celebrated, even in cities like New York, where large numbers of students were Jewish (91-92).

Even though the parents of the Jewish children did not except the religious teaching and celebrating of holidays such as Christmas they wanted their children to get the best possible academic education. The parents did not want their kids to work in a factory when they become older, which was expected for the Jewish children to work when they grow up, with this being said riots occurred in a time frame of 5 to 7 days, windows of the schools were broken, cars destroyed, and policemen were stoned. These riots came about due to Jewish children not learning about academics, but instead they learned how to sew and shop.

According to "New York Time Upfront, March 5, 2001, stated, "In the 1870's some said too much education would hurt a women's health. FEMALES KEEP OUT. That message might have been posted at colleges in this country's earliest years, had it not bee thought too obvious to need saying. A woman's place was in the home, and higher education--like the vote--was the province of the male. In the 19th century, however, colleges for women began to be established, and other new colleges opened their doors to both sexes. The change sparked an earnest public debate. One question in dispute--in an era when housework itself was brutal toil: How much study could female bodies bear without damage? (v133i13 pg24).

That was an example of how it uses to be, here is an example of the changes that has been implemented. Back in those days the women had their husband to support them. Today, I am a single black educated professional woman. I worked and went to school full-time and raised two kids. It is true that this is hard for woman, but with no support of a man in the house gives a woman the strength to manage the life of a man to support the family. I knew that if I did not finish my education, I could not earn a deceed salary to support my children.

"Ethnic and racial groups attack bias in traditional accounts of American history, and debates over what should be a can on of standard knowledge reverberate in Congress and state capitals as well as the groves of acedeme. Groups that were excluded or unfairly treated-for



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