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Ed Norton

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Edward Norton achieved instant stardom in his feature film debut in the 1996 Primal Fear.

Norton was credited for saving a rather mediocre film with his portrayal of a Kentucky

altar boy accused of murdering a Chicago Arch Bishop. This role earned Norton Golden

Globe and Oscar Nominations for best supporting actor. With his instant fame Norton

proved that he could go on and further his acting talents.

Norton was born in Boston on August 18, 1969. He was raised in Columbia, Maryland and

even in his early years Norton was known as an extremely smart and serious individual.

He is the son of a former federal prosecutor and an English teacher. He became interested

in acting at the age of five and made his stage debut at the age of 8 in a local production

of Annie Get Your Gun. Norton enrolled in the Orenstein's Columbia School for Theatrical Arts,

and after high school he studied history at Yale, while staying active in the university's

theater program.

After graduating from Yale with a degree in hstory, Norton spent a few months in Japan, then moved

to New York. In New York he worked at the Enterprise Foundation, a group dedicated to ending

urban decay. Norton still acted whenever possible, and finally decided to presue acting full-time.

After appearing in several off-Broadway plays Norton won his role in Primal Fear after being chosen

from 2,100 hopefulls. After stunning nearly everyone who saw his performance Norton continued to

amaze in movies like Everyone Says I Love you and The People vs. Larry Flint.

1998 was a big year for Norton who turned in two great performances in Rounders and American History X.

Playing as Matt Damon's lowlife best friend, Nortons performance was not recognized due



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