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Ea Kit

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By: Tammy Popiez

Due Date:

Baseball and Glove Match

Curriculum Area: Math

Tools and Materials: Brown and white paper Black Marker

Paper Punch Scissors

File folder Glue stick Lamination paper Velcro


1. From the brown paper, trace and cut baseball glove shapes. From the white paper, trace and cut the same number of baseballs.

2. On each baseball, print a different number.

3. Using a paper punch, create white dots and glue 1-12 to each baseball glove.

4. Laminate the pieces.

5. Glue Velcro pieces to each ball and glove.

Teaching/Learning: Encourage the children to place the ball on the glove with the corresponding number of dots.

Developmental Goals

1. Recognize numbers.

2. Develop fine motor coordination skills.

3. Match a set of objects to a written numeral.

4. Develop eye-hand coordination skills.

5. Develop visual discrimination skills.

Umbrella Game Board

Curriculum Areas: Math and Social Studies

Preparation Tools and Materials: One blue file folder Scissors

Construction paper Glue stick

Die-cut umbrellas Markers

Lamination paper Die

Optional: picture of duck


1. Cut from construction paper a set of umbrella shapes or die-cut umbrella shapes.

2. Using glue stick, attach the umbrella shapes to the file folder in a curved line and path.

3. Use a marker to print the word "Start" on the first umbrella and number the umbrellas until you get to the last one and print the word "Finish" under the last picture. (Optional: Print the words "Roll again" and "Miss a turn" under a few of the umbrellas.)

4. Laminate the game board.

5. Optional: create raindrop markers to use for the game.

Teaching/Learning: Place the umbrella game on a table or the floor with game pieces and markers and one die. To play the game, all player choose a game pieceand place it at the umbrella labeled "start". Each player in turn rolls the die and counts the number of dots on the top face of the die. The player then moves his or her game piece along the path until reaching the number of spaces according to the die. If a player lands on an umbrella labeled "Roll again," he or she immediately takes another



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