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E Kawayan at Tangcarang Alaminos City Pangasinan

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Essay Preview: E Kawayan at Tangcarang Alaminos City Pangasinan

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Last September 14, 2017 we visited E Kawayan at Tangcarang Alaminos City Pangasinan. This event greatly shows us/ students about how kawayan is being transform into a useful things. And is very essential to us to know how it is made and showcase different types of material that will made using kawayan. I know that this things will educate us that all things are useful and all things are feasible if you work hard. Bamboo has too many process to take and I do appreciate what is the finish product, so I know that it is something that makes us surprise that bamboo has too many purpose.

Tables, Chairs, clocks, keychains and trophies are some things that I saw what bamboo can produce using different process. I also saw some orchirds that is very colorful and realize that we must take care of it because some orchirds are very wild nowadays. As what the keeper said because of our climate orchids are not so active in bearing flowers. In green houses there vegetables like eggplant, tomatoes, beans and amplaya inside it. There are many fertilizers that they put in it so I am not surprise that it is growing fast. As I enter inside the green house I notice that vegetables are not so fresh and it is very crowded inside just like there is something there that will sting me but no matter what, we must also plant some vegetables so that we can save money. In our last tour we visit fishponds of tilapia and hito, that time I'm shock because there are so many fish in the pond and I also observe that the keeper of the pond took care the fishpond well and organized. Therefore, we as a human being should do our responsibilities in taking care of everything because this is not just only for ourselves but the whole nation as well.

In conclusion to that tour, we must love and care our nature because that is our primary source of materials or foods in our daily life. Learn to appreciate and learn things about nature because someday we will use it in our future. Through the use of nature and technology all things possible and feasible.



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