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Dreams May Not Always Come True

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"Dreams may not always come true, but they make life worthwhile."

Dreams are a part of everybody's life, this term dream is widely used to express mental images of something we may want, or something we whish we where. Dreams usually are seen as false, or just a child's thing however this is seen mainly as the dreams conflict with reality. Many films of the post-modernism era can be seen that you would have the stereotypical way of someone wishing for something and it comes true. Even so Dreams are worthwhile and this will be shown below:

In the book looking for Alibrandi we see a typical year 12, student whom has never seen her father in her life and has always had the life long dream of meeting him. As we read further on we see that the father rejects the daughter at first but, with Jessie's (Main Character) persistence her father finally accepts her and that her family is finally accepted. This is a perfect example of how a dream from childhood had stuck with a child and through tenacity she finally achieved her goal.

The Biography on Mel Maninga is another example of how a dream of a little boy who wished that he could follow in his father's footsteps came true with him following his dream. In the end Mel did achieve what he sought to achieve and that was to become a first grade footballer and you may say this was a generalization of that everyone's may come true and that may be the case if the wish is not one of supernatural powers etc, point being Mel's dream did not come easy, again this may be merely coincidental however all dreams don't come easy within reason of course.

In the Film "What A Girl Wants" we encounter that this tale is of a child who again contrary to Looking for Alibrandi, is similar in saying that it is about a young female who leaves her house and goes out and seeks her father who in this case is a person of importance. Here we envision the stereotypical motion picture of someone who dreams of something in this case, it would be of meeting her father, and that in the end she attains the satisfactions of bringing her nuclear family together and also gaining herself a male companion. In this motion picture we see that the case is that the main character struggles in accomplishing her goal or dream, here we see that she may have had a "Roller Coaster" affect, with the her life which implies that she had times of goods times of bad in the period of time which he had undertook this dream/task. This shows that even though in this case she got her dream of meeting her father she obviously made sacrifices to reach this dream and that would of made the dream worth it.

Another example of where dreams go wrong would be the



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