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A Dream That Came True

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        A Dream that Came True

        On Sunday morning as I was packing my things in the car with my brother I saw an opportunity to interview him.  As my brother was driving I ask him if I can interview him and he said “yes.” I began by taking out my phone to ask him a couple of question about his life. As I began to ask him the questions, I realized that his tone of voice changed when he answering the questions. He mentioned that one of the most important persons in his life other than god was our mother. He continued to say that our mother is a very hard working mother and that he loved her dearly. Seeing her achieving her reams by doing the job she wanted to do made him want to achieve his goal of becoming a cook chief.  

        David was born in New York City and grew up in a safe Christian home. David likes cooking and wanted to travel to other countries and try new foods. In high school he went to Aruba with his culinary art class. He said, “It was interesting for him to taste new foods in Aruba and how their foods tasted different from Curacao foods.” This experience helped him to appreciate Curacao cuisines more. When he started college, he decided to major in culinary arts. He said that he did very well in college and he finished with a degree in culinary art, and it was not hard for him to get a job in 2014. Before college he worked at my dad’s job during high school.  After college he went to work with his friend buying college student’s textbooks. After three years of buying college student's textbooks, he decided to get a job as a chef. His years of buying textbooks made him to want to get a job doing what he love doing. As a chef, he wanted to make food that people would enjoy eating on a regular basic.  He said “he took culinary classes, because he love cooking.” Also, the good thing about culinary is that there is always restaurant which you can work.

        After he became a chef, he found a job at Olive Garden. He was think of opening his own businesses, but opening a business can be hard and he didn't had money to invest in a building. In 2015 his boss decided to give him more days to work when they saw his consistency in dedication and how hardworking he is. Furthermore, when his coworkers did not want to work they usually called him to see if he wanted to come in and take their shift. In the past five years, he had cooked for a lot of people to eat including his own family. He was very happy that he had learned so much from different country and different languages. He said that when he was learning how to cook these new foods, he kept making mistakes. But his consistency in practicing to make those foods is what helped him to where he is now in life. David smiled as he was talking about his job.

        He mentioned that there were a lot of new employees working there when he came back from vacation. He wondered what had happened to the people he used to work with and why there were so many new faces. He found out that people got tired of working for such a little bit of money and wanted better paying jobs. He continued to say that they were hiring people like crazy because they were always short of staff when people quit. Many times they would call him to come in to work when he was not scheduled to work that day. He didn't minded when they called him sometimes to come in to worked, but when he had something important to do, then he would not answer the phone.



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