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Do Sexual Relationships Need Commitment?

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Essay Preview: Do Sexual Relationships Need Commitment?

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Do Sexual Relationships Need Commitment?

Two people can have sex just to have sex. They do not need to be committed to each other, or in a committed relationship. What is commitment anyways? How long do two people have to be together to constitute commitment? Two people can be committed for two years or two weeks does that mean if they were having sex after two weeks and they thought it was a committed relationship and they had sex are they wrong? No, just because someone says they are committed who knows how long that commitment will last anyways. You can not even guarantee that once two people get married that they are going to stay together forever. So if two people wait until they are married to have sex until they have commitment then they get a divorce does it really matter that you waited until you were married? Nearly fifty percent of all marriages end in divorce so if you waited until you got married to have sex you could still possibly get a divorce and then your whole goal of having commitment before sex is demolish.

Inevitably there are risks that you could encounter by having sex. But those same risks could accompany you whenever you are having sex in a relationship, even if it's getting pregnant when you are married. For example, if you are married and obviously you are having sex and you get pregnant and you don't want to have children or you aren't ready to have children you are still in a situation that you yourself put yourself into just by having sex.

Shouldn't everyone just be happy in life and if you can be happy by having just sex then why ruin it with commitment. Sex creates endorphins and endorphins make you happy so why wouldn't you want to do something that makes you feel good.



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