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Desert Island Essay

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        Surviving the Night

        Banished to the desert Galapagos Islands by a angry spirit forced to fight for my life, the only way to survive is strategy. On a island surrounded by water where fear becomes my new normal, I bring with me these four things a suitcase filled with false hope, two solid colored outfits, a digital watch and three books. False hope sticks in my mind as I pretend that there is a way out of this sunken hole. Knowing I’ll be here forever I came prepared with my two outfits for clothing, a watch that will allow me to differ between night and day, and three survival books. I know nothing about where I’m at except the dark crawlers of the night that feed on flesh. I’ve been here a couple hours and the sun begins to drop turning the sky dusk. It’ll be my first night and in order to survive I must take these three actions preparation, shelter, and scheduling.

        As I glanced at my digital watch I noticed that I only have two hours before it’s completely dark. I began to prepare for what’s coming, pulling out my first book titled “The Ultimate Survival Manual” by Rich Johnson to help develop a more reliable strategy. I first plan on locating some fire wood and flint, so I search the nearby water stream and tropical forest. While searching I came across a trench perfect for shelter, I decided to lay my materials done and finish my quest. Next came the hunt for the “perfect weapon” from my book “How to Survive Anything, Anywhere” by Chris McNab, I learned I can take a sturdy stick attach a large rock to the top and wrap it in vines to create just the weapon I need.

        I’m done gathering my material and it’s now 30 minutes until dark. I rub my wood and flint together creating a blazing fire next to where I will sleep. Since the crawlers are terrified of fire this gives me a little more protection. But to insure that I stay hid, I placed a large banana leaf on top of the trench. Also taking two more leaves intending to use them as cushion and a pillow. My shelter is finally together, and night fall begins to take play. I sit and take a moment to reflect on the hard work I’ve done in the first day, cracking open my ‘People’s Magazine” to help unwine. There is still work to do so I recollect my thoughts and start again.

        I now have to schedule my sleeping, since it’s just me I still have to be aware of my surroundings at all times regardless of location. Even if the crawlers don’t come it’s still good to know when ones approaching. For sleeping I decide to pause every three hours, waking up making sure my fire is still lit and everything is ok. With the help of my digital watch it will be no problem surviving the night.

        Hours fall together like pieces of a puzzle, and morning appears as the sun tapped my skin I realized that my strategy worked. My first night was a success with the help of my books and watch my new normal won’t be so bad after all. Everyday will consist of a different task, but the night is only about one thing surviving the crawlers of the dark.



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