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Description - Analysis of the Main Characters

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Description/ Analysis of the Main Characters

Ralph was a tall, well-built, blond twelve year old who was initially chosen as the leader of the group of stranded boys. As a leader he was rational and democratic with good judgment and strong moral values. He attempted to keep civilized order on the island and to maintain a fire until everyone was rescued, but was always at odds with Jack who had little regard for rules.

Jack was around Ralph's age but skinnier with red hair and a freckled ugly face. He was the leader of the choir boys, who soon became the hunters. He had little interest in rules and became preoccupied with hunting and killing pigs. He soon overthrew Ralph as leader and became a cruel, wild, barbaric, and dictator-like ruler of his new tribe.

Piggy was a short, overweight, and asthmatic boy who wore glasses. He, along with Ralph, tried to keep peace and order on the island. He was very smart and logical but lacked some social skills and hardly did any labor which made him an outcast and a target for the other boys. His glasses were very useful in making fires on the island.

Simon was a very shy, sensitive, and good boy. He had the most positive outlook on the situation and was very connected to nature. He was an outcast because the other boys looked at him as odd or crazy. Simon was the only one brave enough to face the beast on the mountain (which turns out to be a dead parachutist) and when he returns to tell the others of the news he is mistaken as the beast and killed during their savage dance.

Sam and Eric were the two young twins who always did everything together. Without each other they were useless. While they stayed loyal to Ralph when most of the others joined Jack's tribe, but they eventually gave in to Jack's threats and joined his tribe. In the end they became disloyal to Ralph and went against him.

Roger was a sinister-looking small boy with dirty, shaggy black hair. He was very cruel, mean, and merciless. As one of Jack's choir boy hunters and the guard at Castle Rock fortress, he was Jack's most loyal helper. He intentionally killed Piggy with a boulder.

Littluns were the youngest boys on the island at around six years old. They were basically ignored by the older boys on the island and were the ones who started the rumor of a beast on the island. They lived in their own world on the island and weren't bothered much with the chaos of older boys.

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