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Describe a Setting: School Hall

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The Hall

The huge room had a high ceiling, chairs were spread out, and the shadows of

human bodies appeared from time to time. On the left side, only five doors

separated the hall from the corridor. Behind the wall that was in front of me were

rooms, filled with people chatting and laughing. The shadow of their faces became

more visible as they got closer to the opaque windows of the doors. Separating my

chair from the rooms across the hall was an empty space. A light, coming from the

ceiling where an invisible translucent material let the sun pass through, shone

through the emptiness. The sun invaded the spirits with a feeling of joyfulness,

fulfillment and grandeur. The gloomy ceiling was mingled with the sun, the rain:

with life. The hall became the microcosm of infinity: The light brightened the

darkness, and the light was darkened by the shadows it cast. The echoes of the

laughter, the echo of the voices, brought life and joy to the vast emptiness of the

place. The scene was flawless. Maybe too flawless.

Suddenly the mawkish and pleasant atmosphere turned chaotic. The screams

coming from the front side of the hall rise to become the only echo of the vast room.

Smoke filled the air and the infinity of this vast room became invisible. The opaque

smoke blurred any tangible vision of what was happening. The place was filled with

suffocating air.

“Help! I can’t breath!” someone said in a voice that sounded slowly dying. All

one could see was chaos.



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