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Depression Case

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Depression is a mental health disorder that can be defined as a condition that greatly influences mood, thoughts, or cognition, and behaviour. (Australian Government Health Department, 2005) Depression is described as a serious mental illness that is much more than just a low mood. For people to experience sad and low emotions is normal. Though when these emotions are experienced for a long period of time it's considered as clinical depression. (The Beyond Blue, 2009). Sufferers of depression find it difficult to function with everyday life and are hesitant to take part in common activities of which they once had enjoyed. The Beyond Blue organisation states that one in five people experience a type of depression at some stage during their lives (Beyondblue, 2009).

People with depression don't all experience the same symptoms; some may vary significantly depending on severity of their illness. Depressed people may feel many emotions ranging from feeling sad, anxious, worthless, irritable, empty, hopeless and helpless. It is common in one who is suffering depression to show other symptoms such as the loss of appetite or overeating, insomnia or excessive sleeping, fatigue and decrease of energy, trouble remembering and making decisions, and in serious cases may contemplate suicide. People with depression often isolate and dissocialise themselves from friends, family and social outings. Depending on character traits, some turn to medicating their depression, increasing their intake of alcohol and take part in drug use. (Mrs Quentin Bryce, Jeff Kennett, the Beyond Blue, 2009).



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