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Department System Analysis

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Department System Analysis

Week 2 Assignment

Tammy Reams


Robert Quintin

March 28, 2005

Business systems analysis is an analytical framework that involves analyzing organizations as systems or the process of systematically and

objectively gathering information about business systems and subjecting that information to formal analysis. This includes identifying broad organizational goals and supporting business areas and processes, and business process definition and decomposition.

The process of business systems analysis involves identifying and then examining the component parts of an organization, in order to gain information about how the organization functions and the relationships between various tasks, jobs, people, structures and other elements. System analysis projects can lead to enhanced organizational performance by improving the way work is done in an organization. For example, available resources can be linked more directly to the aims and goals of the organization; similarly, information systems can function more effectively if they are more closely linked with the institution's day-to-day work.

Communication is also essential to the success of a BSA project. Many projects fail because project sponsors and managers do not keep those not directly involved in the project informed about the project's purpose and progress. When communication outside the project organizational structure is inadequate, it tends to separate project participants from the rest of the organization. Under such circumstances, it can become more difficult for project sponsors and managers to maintain external support for the continuation of the project. It is also difficult to secure support for organizational changes resulting from the project work. Lack of communication and documentation can easily cause some failure in the project.

During the process of analyzing the system at Acroprint, a previous



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