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Definition of Fashion

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Definition of Fashion

Fashion is an outcome of culture. Culture is everything that the members of a society creates based on its economic, political, and social system. For example, fashion during the Middle Ages reflected societal sentiments at the time Ð'- individuals covered most parts of their body during the this period when sexual freedom was extremely repressed and people were extremely religious.

The economy and technology are also important parts of fashion. As an example, during the late middle ages, the primary industry was the textile sector and England's wool was its single most important export. During this time the main fabrics used for clothing were natural fibers, such as wool and linen. With the advancement of technology, more diverse types of fibers are now used.

Politics also plays a significant role in defining fashion. In most cultures people use fashion to make a statement about authority. Strong protectionism permeated the political climate in the US during the 1930s, which triggered the Great Depression, and resulted in restrictions on consumption for things such as clothing. For instance, lower hemlines and drawing a line or painting on bare legs became fashionable because of the scarcity of stockings.

Fashion also represents different social class structures. In general throughout history the more wealthy socioeconomic classes with disposable income were able to enjoy more lavish and sophisticated outfits and demonstrate their wealth. On the other hand people in lower socioeconomic classes had less resource to do the same. Today, because society is less stratified and more democratic, there is less distinctive fashion between the different socioeconomic brackets.

Each culture has different values, and these change often. This leads fashion to change and vary depending on where it stands in a particular time and place. Though professor argues that the definition of fashion is "a creative ever-changing effort in associate to sensuality to manipulate social concept/ perception of beauty," I believe that "social concept/ perception of beauty" is what defines fashion - not the other way around.



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