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A Brief Definition of Pornography

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Essay Preview: A Brief Definition of Pornography

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A brief definition of Pornography

Pornography ... a term that has been heavily contested in many courts across America. But what exactly is pornography? Is a nude painting of Adam and Eve pornography? If Anna Nicole Smith appears in Penthouse magazine in an erotic position, is that art? Most people can't see the art in nude sculpture, painting, or photography. Pornography is all in the presentation. Pornography is the use of any artistic media to simply evoke only sexual stimulation.

Pornography is basically a blanket that covers all types of material such as explicit literature, photography, films, and videotapes with varying degrees of sexual content. So pornography is a very broad term. However, the key term sexual content needs to be defined. Sexual content is anything that evokes thoughts of eroticism and sexual stimulus. So this excludes art that has nude subject matter. Most art is not supposed to evoke feelings of eroticism. Art deals with the feelings of the artist and more commonly, social issues. On the other hand, if an artist takes a picture of a man having sex with a woman for the sake of taking a picture of a man having sex with a woman is pornography.

A student at the University of Oklahoma painted a picture of a woman posed in an erotic position with her breasts exposed that was entitled "Porno Barbie". This painting is not pornography. The artist did not have sexual stimuli in mind when he painted this painting. This painting was painted with a social issue in mind. This issue was pornography it self. It dealt with society's perception of "The Perfect Woman". It states that our society needs to look at women as people, not pieces of meat. IT was painted as a parody on pornography and Barbie. Barbie is looked on by young girls and even middle-aged woman as a model of what women should look like. Most girls have owned a Barbie doll and many try their best to look like her. The painting was a visual model of what is wrong with society. If it induced any sexual thought it was purely inadvertent.

Hustler magazine was started in the late sixties and has come under intense fire from the United States Supreme Court. Larry Flynt has found himself in the High Court six times. His magazine [Hustler] is the subject of his anguish. Hustler is one of the most sexually explicit magazines the United States has ever seen. Furthermore, the magazine hasn't changed in over thirty years. This magazine is a prime example of what pornography truly is. Larry Flynt has taken women from every walk of life and put them in sexually explicit situations. He made this magazine for the masses of lonely men on in America that can't find women on their own and need sexual stimulation of some variety. There is no artistic merit in the photography, the literature, or the illustration in Hustler or any magazine published by Larry Flynt. It is crude, it has no meaning, and the illustration deals mostly with the politician that has come under fire lately. Furthermore, the illustration is not drawn well and depicts the politician performing detestable sexual acts on anything from animals to their own mother. This type of obscene literature is the epitome of what pornography is.

In the movie "Basic Instinct", starring Sharon



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