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Databases Case

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What are database systems and how are they used? A database is designed to organize information through the use of tables and allows the user to manage, store, and retrieve information. Storing information on database tables is very similar to the spreadsheets used in Microsoft Excel, as they both consist of rows and columns. Except on a database each column represents a different type of attribute and each row contains a single record. Other things that a database system can do includes, updating records in bulk, retrieving all records that match specific criteria, cross-referencing records from different tables, and performing many complex calculations.

The database architecture varies from one system to the next, but never the less, it is a set of rules, specifications, and processes, which tells the system exactly how data will be stored in the database and how data can be accessed. Database systems, such as MS SQL Server and Oracle, are both multi-user systems and multi-transaction systems. But they are made from two different venders, so similar functions may be implemented differently. Microsoft Access on the other hand, is not a true relational database system because it has no concept of multi-user security or multi-user transactions. Since it does store data in relational tables, it can be used as a single user database system.

Currently, the United States Fish and Wildlife Services, uses the public version SQL Database called SQLite. SQLite does not require a separate server process, and reads and writes data directly to regular disk files. SQLite is used in many memory constrained devices such as cellphones, MP3 players, and PDAs. Although with more memory, SQLite performs and runs faster. An international team of developers support the SQLite code base full-time. They continue to expand the SQLite capabilities, enhance its reliability and performance, and maintain published interface specifications.



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