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Database Systems

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Database systems are an organized collection of data. The data is normally organized by a couple of different methods; structured and unstructured. When working with any type of raw data or detailed information a database can make managing that information a thousand times easier. I think it is safe to assume every business in this day and age is using at least one type of database. A couple examples of databases would be Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access. Oracle’s primary function is to store and retrieve data as it is requested.

Database architecture not only focuses on the design but also the development, implementation and maintenance of computer programs that store and organize database information for any business or company big or small. The architecture of a data base is a key element as this encompasses all the rules, specifications, and processes that controls how the database stores information and how it is accessed.

The first job I worked at was a retail store in our local mall, it was one of the bigger stores and could be compared to a Macy’s now a days. The entire system of the store was beyond outdated but something as simple as a database could have organized everything way better than it was and also made more money for the store as a lot of inventory was forgotten about.

Where I currently work I do not have access to our databases but I have seen and worked with them. I am not sure what we are using but it works great. I am sure there are a ton of databases I have not seen but the one I encountered would have made my first job run like a clock. I currently work on airplanes and whenever a part or a specialized tool is needed for the job that I do not have direct access to we can find it by using the database we have for that particular plane. That is as far as I have worked with databases, just looking for parts and tools, but I can see and imagine the ease and implication of databases in other areas. I am hoping to get access to databases soon so I can understand them better especially since I will be learning the behind the scenes things that go on with a database in this class.


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