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Damage to the Max

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My Father

I'm a kind of person that really cares for his family. I loved myfather and that's why I admire him for many reasons. He's a generous person, a great businessman, and a really good father. Although I was just 5 years old when he passed away. I could see that my dad is always helping people around him. He really cares for his family. My father was always there when other people needed him. In the same way, he has also helped his friends. He is a generous person. My dad had a very pleasant childhood... His Parents can somehow be classified as "RICH". Taking the fact that his father was a General. I can also say that my father was somehow strict with his children. Often my father punishes me because of fighting with my sister. I know that he only does that because I am the man and I should be the one protecting my family. The girls in the family. These are the few things I remember and have learned from my father. Now, I consider my mother as my father because she was the one who raised us, supported us, gave us everything she could for our future. She was the one who brought us to school, who paid everything, who sacrificed greatly so that we may finish our education. She became both Father and Mother to me and my sister. Thus, We love her for being Our PARENT-S.



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