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Customer Service Strategies

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Liverpool College Institute

Faculty of Business

Assignment Cover sheet

Course name: Business Diploma

Module Name: Develop Teams and Individual

Assignment Tittle: Kendall's Case Study

Student's Name: Farhana Abdullah

Teacher's Name: Mr Munari

Case Study

1) What method of analysing supervisors training needs and what methods of training would you suggest for Kendalls' supervisory training program?

Kendall Department store was established in 1903. It is a very successful business now currently having 22 stores, with each employing 6 front-line managers. One of the problem experienced in this growth pattern was that recruiting and selecting adequately trained store managers and department supervisors. Kendall's pervious policy was to hire people with prior managerial experience in other retail outlets. However the current managing director Louise Kendall had questioned this practice, she felt it was costly since Kendall had to pay more to lure a good employee from other retailers and in addition, the employees had to be retrained in Kendall's methods. As a result of Kendall modifying its policy, they now decided to promote people from their own store, and train them to become store managers. They have asked Alison Decker, to develop a training program for prospective and newly promoted store supervisors.

I have divided the task into five section, and they are;

* Training needs analysis: This is where I will be explaining the job of a store manager and what skills are needed.

* Skills Audit: This is where I will be looking at what skills the current candidates have and what skills they lack, so as to improve on it.

* Training Plan: This stage is where I will be giving each candidates a schedule in which the time and place for training are allocated.

* Evaluation: After the candidates have been trained or while they are still training, I will be evaluating their performances.

* Cost: This stage is where I will state how much it cost for Kendall's to train their employees to a store manager position.

Training Needs Analysis

Before I even conduct a skills audit, in which I assess the current skills of the four candidates, I would need to first to a job description of a store manager. By doing this it will allow me to see what a store manager does and what skills required for a store manager, in order for them to do the job efficiently and effectively. There are many Key Results Areas which store managers must be competent in. In each KRA, managers need to do actions and duties in order to achieve an outcome. In order to achieve a positive outcome, each candidate must have all the necessary skills to allow them to their duties in an effective and efficient manner.

There are seven key results areas and they are;

1. Customer Service

Actions and duties required

* Serving customers in a fast and efficient friendly manner.

* Feedback from customers.

* Anticipating customers needs and wants.

* Up selling


* Customer Satisfaction

* Customer Loyalty

* Profit margin increase

* Increase sales

Skills required

* Good communication skills

* People skills

* Product Knowledge

* Vibrant Personality

2. Inventory Control

Actions and duties Required

* Quality Control

* Stock take

* Auditing

* Establishing a system to ensure order items reach the customers on an accurate time frame.

* Reliability


* All stock items are in good quality and correct amount.

* Establishing the popularity product which suits for customer's preference.


* Good forecasting skills.

* attentiveness to minor and major details.

3. Staff Management

Actions and duties required

* Training Staff

* Delegating work to staff

* Explain employee's timetable

* Provide support to team members in their work processes

* Rostering

* Payroll

* Meet the staff needs

* Problem Solving


* Improving Employee's skills.

* Boost employee's morale

* Help employees to understand their role, duties and responsibility.

* Continue the effective customers service

* Reduce staff conflicts

* Implement Legislations: EEO, Discrimination Act. Industry Relations acts, Privacy Act and other Acts.




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