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Current Perspectives on Dual-Career Families

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Essay Preview: Current Perspectives on Dual-Career Families

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"Current Perspectives on Dual-Career Families"

In the essay entitled "Current Perspectives on Dual-Career Families" written by Lucia Albino Gilbert. It talks about how the children of dual-career families are effect and the gender roles are change in a dual-career family. In a dual-career family, both the mother and the father work full time jobs.

In this case study it showed the children of dual-career families are the same in other school aged children that come from a "traditional" family setting. A traditional family is when the mother stays home and watches the children, as the father goes to work and supports the whole family. Families of dual-career often enlisted the use of other care providers like day cares while they worked. These families also planned more time on the nights and weekends to spend with their children then the "traditional" family.

This study showed how the gender roles become more alike but also how the stay different in some way. At first the women's roles were changing and the men's roles were staying the same. Women in dual-career families, who worked full time also kept up with the traditional responsibilities. The women deal with the stress very well. Women benefited from having all this responsibilities like having increased self-esteem and better mental and physical health. After time, the wife and husband starting to both take on different roles. Men and women were having multiple roles. Eventually, the males started looking for jobs that held benefits of child care providers, and family absence days. They man starting taking more sick days in order to help sick children. Even though men still hold more power in the work force, the gender roles are started to fade. It is not just the women responsibilities to watch after the kids. It is both the male and females too. More males are now taking career options that allow them to work at home. That way they can take care of the children and not have to pay for child care.

Families with dual career,



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