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Cross-Cultural Differences in Management

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Essay Preview: Cross-Cultural Differences in Management

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                        SYNOPSIS: Cross-cultural Differences in Management


Culture is defined as a set of beliefs, values & notions learned by sharing our behaviour within a particular society. Culture gives us our sense of belonging and identity. An integrated pattern of a human behaviour which includes values, thoughts, communications, practices, courtesies, beliefs, customs, rituals, languages, manners of interacting and roles, relationships and expected behaviour of a religious, racial, ethnic, or social group.

Cross – culture Management

Cross cultural management seeks to:

  • Understand how management practices are affected by national cultures
  • Identifying the similarities and dissimilarities across cultures in various management practices and organizational contexts
  • Increase in global management effectiveness

[Source: class notes, 22-01-2018]

From the article, we learnt that culture works at certain level which are categorized as:[pic 1]

Cross- cultural Challenges

Managing cross-cultural challenges in the business management is a critical aspect and should be taken seriously, embracing the cultural diversity may bring success or may not but integrating it will surely increases the chance of getting success. This world is becoming smaller therefore a business leader should be more focused and sensitive towards the challenges emerges from the cultural and ethnic landscape of the countries where the people work in.

Inadequate trust, Perception, Inaccurate biases, False Communication are some critical issues that surface in the cross-cultural teams.

Cross-cultural Conflict is the conflict that occurs between individuals or social groups which are separated by the cultural boundaries. The conflict across the cultural boundaries can occur at many different levels, not only restricted to higher or lower levels of social grouping.


  • It is needed to understand communication style of different cultures
  • It is needed to understand the differences in the culture value
  • An effective style of communication is needed to be developed.

[Source: A paper on Cross-cultural conflicts by Kevin Avruch]

Cultural Intelligence is defined as the ability to work effectively in the situations that are culturally diverse. Cultural Intelligence helps in analysing: -



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