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Critical Theories Essay

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Critical Theories, and Supporting Factors

Michael J. Pickup

National American University; Criminology


Critical Theory; why is important, as it is a major role in "Setting the Record Straight;" In part it is a product of what the "Demystification of American Society;"as an easier way to explain something to all people, which create a social order within its community, now "Critical Theory" started and took place in the 1950's. We, even today as we live in the 21st Century have many individuals who suffer with "dysfunctional ability," now many individuals today still lack the ability to read, write, let alone understand his or her rights, as to the letter of the Law, which one may or may not understand within their own, or any social order throughout America. Laws do differ statewide, which pertains to making one rights a bit harder to understand especially if they are traveling throughout the United States, the "Demystification of America," is to make all is the correction of "Misconception," rights equal to all no matter race, religion, or creed. The "Law," is to be easier for all mankind to understand, as to make sure he or she understands their rights in accordance to the written "Laws of America," This brought about questioning and view by the activities and priorities of the United States; Government. Americans should have the ability to understand their rights under the letter of the law; as it's written. Now, McCarthyism; Senator McCarthy was the founder of McCarthyism as he opened many eyes within the public forum, as a number of control issues were brought about. Such issues were titled The Bay of Pigs, Cuban Missile Crisis during, which President J. F. Kennedy was in Office, and Racial Assassination, one such assassination being questioned was Martin Luther King's day of actual assassination. This caused the government rejection by the people of government as well as people in our Nation. The American Civil Rights Movement came about with numerous questioning, and Military Intervention, which was in Latin America and Asia. During the 1950's the domestic appeasement intention, as a result to War on Poverty and destruction of many communities for urban renewal. Now many corporate issues and ethical concerns were at stake; as corporate misdeeds such as price fixing conspiracies, price gouging, and the sale of unauthorized goods; knock-offs as they are worthless and dangerous goods sold to the consumer. Many were also taken by false and unethical practices of Advertisement, with severely unsafe working conditions. Many were subject to pollution and severe damage to the natural environment as environmental crimes were also being questioned. Mostly disturbing, was facts produced through scientific social studies of unsavory practice of major corporations against the public. The ability to place matters into Layman's terms, as to allow all citizens to relate and understand the charges against these entities that were practicing illegal activities, under the guide of "Value Free," social science. Now, through the Critical Theory, many concepts such as racism, sexism, capitalism, imperialism, monopoly, exploitation, and oppression as to keep a person(s) to harsh form of domination by government, those of a higher order within their own society. Critical Theory; now, being able to explain things isn't always an trouble-free issue as mentioned there are people even today with deficiency, whether medically caused trauma, Mental or Psychological mannerism issues; hinders many individuals with these types of medical severity issues from many walk of life within the United States must understand his or her rights in America prior to following any legal proceedings. Now, many American individual(s) realized that they were being mislead and taken of the "TRUTH," as to how the powerful; higher ranking individuals within their social order were being served by the very actions everyone else were punished under.

"Interactionism;" is the way many acts around their individual surroundings, and often, one; is forced to change his or her own perception as to fit in around the social function(s) we place ourselves into as we are labeled by others. This can be brought on by negative social reaction, as to cause one to create a negative attitude that of the criminal nature and one's perception of another's appearance can cause one to be judgmental of the personality creating a Negative outcome again by simply labeling one to be what he or she believes them to be. It is alleged, that labeling is a key issue in this type of theory as to why one, who; may or may not commit a criminal act based solely on being labeled a criminal when in all retrospect they may have never thought of doing anything criminal prior to being labeled. If you were brought up and raised to believe that you're going to grow up a thief, then why not. A person who continues to do bad things and continues to be accused even when he or she had not tend to believe it, and therefore are labeled a negative individual who likes to commit criminal behavior, therefore; do as your accused and labeled, create criminal mischief by breaking the law. This is what many believe to be a form of Interactionism, a Labeling Theory; as to label one before it happens, a good example: Are individuals that are raised in a Trailer Park, as they are labeled trailer trash, gutter trash, and drug user. It is also believed by society that they are not good for nothing lazy individuals that reside in Trailers rather than Homes, and not worthy of any loyalty of friendship other than other Mobile Home Owners, any type of meaningful relationship. Again this is the way the upper echelon of society, want themselves and the middle class to believe, however this is just another means as to label one's will and cause many young girls today to falter and become what many are accusing them of being. It is a stigma, which many individuals do as they become accustomed to being labeled by others. It then becomes reality to become what you're accused of.

"Conflict Theory;" is when society believes that disagreement is the vital social order of things. It is believed to be the great efforts between both the affluent and the underprivileged as each group have interest and stakes within the social order of on a daily basis, known too all as life. Again it is putting the prosperous against the deprived, Big Business against the Individual Labor, Caucasians against the Minorities. We can also classify Man, against



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