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Critical Thinking Essay

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Anna Dugin-Wykle

Critical Thinking Essay #1


HRDV 5630 Organization Development and Change

Dr. Benlolo

Why is it important for an organization to be ready for an OD program?

Organizational Development is “a system wide application of behavioral science knowledge to the planned development and reinforcement of organizational strategies, structures and processes for improving an organization’s effectiveness.”

There are several key elements to this definition:  

  • The goal of OD is to improve the organizations effectiveness
  • It involved the application of behavior science knowledge
  • It addresses an organizations strategies, structures and processes

OD is concerned with how people react to change and how their needs have to be considered if change efforts are going to be effective. Most people resist change-they are afraid of the unknown and they don’t like to be out of their comfort zone. Fear and panic set in and they hold on to what is familiar and secure instead of embracing the changes that are happening around them. Technological growth, changes in the Global Economy and the Business Environment have forced organizations to change the way they do business. If a company is not willing to make these changes, they risk competitors putting them out of business.

It is important to recognize that the success of any OD program depends on the readiness of the organization for the required changes to be implemented. This readiness towards change will lead the organization to take advantage of the changing environment.

The execution of the OD program is just as important as the changes themselves. If management does not take a humanistic approach, the people of the organization will not buy into the changes being made. The people of the organization must understand why the changes are happening, how they will be affected by the changes and be able to give input to the changes being made. If someone feels empowered, they will embrace the changes being put forth. By providing opportunities to people, they will develop to their full potential which will then influence the way they work.

Most people want to make a difference-they want to be productive in their professional work life and if they see the benefit to what they are doing, they are more open to change. People must be allowed to participate in the changes being planned in order to have a sense of ownership.

I was part of an organization change that occurred with my current employer 3 years ago. Our healthcare facility was taken over by a corporation. We went from a non for profit to a for profit organization. There wasn’t any Organizational Development program-the new company came in, changed the policies and procedures of the way we operated. They told us everything we were doing was wrong and to stop. We did not have any leadership or guidance to transition to this new way of doing business. Granted, the way we were doing things was not generated a profit, that is why the facility was sold to another company, however you can imagine how resistant the people of the organization were to all of these changes being made.



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