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Critical Analysis of "that Screeching Environmentalist"

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Essay Preview: Critical Analysis of "that Screeching Environmentalist"

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Critical Analysis of "That Screeching Environmentalist"

That screeching Environmentalist is an article written by Ronald Mason an Immigration Attorney, Mediator and talk-show host,published in the Jamaica Gleaner on March 2, 2014. In this article the writer spoke about the real cause of negative effect on the environment, being poverty, and his view about the environmentalist.Human have limitations although they are knowledgeable in different fields.

The writer's purpose is a rebuttal of an article previously written by the environmentalist and to inform and educate the general public of the importance of developing the Goat Island and how it makes no sense choosing the iguana and other insect over the people of Jamaica. Mason, based on his choice of words used a first person perspective by the constant use of the word I. Throughout this discourse he uses a sarcastic tone and is very passionate in his delivery, to highlight his emotions and seriousness about the poverty being the greatest threat to the environment.

The problem and solution rhetorical mode used to highlight the problem to the environment as highlight in the passage "Poverty stalks this land". We have an obligation to see its reduction. Mason firstly informs us of the environmentalist who is of the view that she is an expert on all the sciences, who believes Goat Island should remain a natural habitat. He puts forward that this problem we have with Goat Island should be looked at in the context of development of the country as highlighted "We have people to consider. A nation to build, that must take precedence over the iguana that is not unique to Jamaica.

Mason employed the use of several mechanics, writing strategies or techniques and figurative language to enhance the development of the article. The writing strategies use by the author are transition words, brackets, illustration and sarcasm as highlighted "Do we have in our midst a reincarnation of Einstein?"

Even though the article is an effective one there is proof of weakness, one example is the statement "All of us, except some privilege ones, will continue to share this geographic space and we do not need to pursue these airy-fairy improved technology that even the true experts differ as to the applicability. This statement is a fallacy because it overgeneralize by saying "All of us"

Lastly, Mason



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