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Crash Case

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The movie "Crash" was very interesting to me as well as thought provoking. This was my second time viewing this movie. Wow, the same feelings I had and even more have surface after watching. The movie made you internalize emotions about racisms from all angles. My belief is the shows you how much all ethnicities experience similar situations as African American people do. I also believe the movie is to show that people should not take each other for granted, we do have some similarities with other races; and that we should be able to work, live, and play in harmony with each other.

Every race is guilty of having prejudiced beliefs about some other race in the movie, and in real life. There are diverse kinds of people in every race, good or bad people, or smart or dumb people. I have learned in my Personality Psychology class that there are no personality traits that every person of a race has.

What I have learned in my psychology class if we, gather information through an personality assessment using S-data (self-reporting data - information the person tells about themselves) or O-data (observe report data - information gathered while be observed in different situations) that we may come to some of conclusion that people have a lot more in common than society believes.

There are so many examples of racial stereotypes throughout the movie "Crash". One is when the two black men just left a restaurant and Ludacris is complaining about how they got poor service because they were black. Another situation that Ludacris talks about is when the Caucasian woman clung on to the Caucasian man's arm when she saw them, and how she felt scared because she saw them. I can personally relate to both of these situations.

As a minority I can relate to both of the prior situations. When walking down the street Caucasian people will judge you wrongfully for you just being black. Just like it happened in the movie Caucasian women will grab or clutch their pocketbooks as they see you walking towards them. It just makes my blood boil, because I have no mind set or thoughts to do that. After the fact you do think you already said guilty as charged so why not take their pocketbook. Consequences!

Customer service is my pet peeve. Some Caucasian people feel as though they can treat you any kind of way when spending your money. They act as though you are doing them a favor buy patronizing them especially when purchasing a very expensive product. They act as though we are all doing illegal things to acquire the money we are spending as well as treating us with a snooty or snobbish attitude. However, the flip side to that is some of the younger generation especially the black youth treat you just outright ignorantly.

Continuing on with other scenarios I can relate to is when the woman was complaining that the Mexican man she hired was going to set her up to be robbed. Also, when the black woman was pulled over by the two police officers and how they treated her.

First, I worked for a family owned company where the son had hired me as a travel consultant. His mother was the actual owner at the time and she treated me so unprofessional, horrific, and like I was a thief. She would talk down to me in front of anyone, she thought she owned me because I worked for her, and every transaction I did she went out of her way to scrutinize how much monies were being calculated as well as to inform the clients to keep an eye on their credit cards after their purchase. Long story short is I worked for her for over 5 years and we became the best of friends. I learned she was judging me on pass experiences with her former employees and her own insecurities. In the end I was the only employee who stuck by her side when someone tried to embezzle money from her. The other employees said she deserved



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