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Consumption of Daily Plastics

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Consumptions of toxins in our daily lives

Its been said, and almost 100% confirmed that the daily plastic containers, cups, bowls, etc that we consume from everyday, while enjoying our drinks, and foods have a high poisonous level(Nicholas J. Hill, 2000). It is a controversial issue, we have people saying the poisons are not strong enough to harm us, and then we have scientist saying that the poisons at this level are so strong that may cause birth defects, and all kind of horrible type of cancers (2002 The Lavender). What can be done if such plastics are being used to create such things as chew toys, baby bottles, and coffee mugs so our lives wont be put that much of a risk .Its been brought to the attention of millions, that consumption from plastic objects is hazardous, and many risks are being taken, if so what actions can be taken to lower these chances of ingesting such horrible chemicals that can be causing so many side affects to our body

A plastic also known as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) has been used in our daily house products for more than over 50 years. Plastic plates, cups, bowls, and spoons are simple looking things, there very durable, can with stand many situations, and simple to use then discard (Nicholas J. Hill, 2000). The average American family is known for storing such things like left over foods, fresh vegetables and fruits in these plastic containers, bags, and wraps. These household objects are seen like any other things, not much attention is put to them, and as long as the job is done, there should be no problem. Plastics are made of such chemicals as Lead, cadmium, mercury, dioxins, and PCBs most of these chemicals have been proven to cause massive amounts of negative reactions to the body, causing cancer, birth defects, and learning disorders. In most PVC there is a chemical found called diethylhexyl phthalate, which is known to disrupt the reproductive system developing of the male organs in animals (2003 L.A family Magazine). Plastic may sound like such a horrible thing, but there is good usage being done from them, which help us live with our daily lives.

Plastic is used to make house hold items, toys, pipes, sport equipments, water bottles, and tools. The cost of plastics is very cheap, which make the consumer save money, and give them the feel of a good deal. The buyer does not conclude of all the horrible consequences there can be, but only the money that is saved in the process of using the material (Nicholas J. Hill, 2000) l. If you compare the prices of a plastic object to a ceramic, or glass object there is a huge difference of money being saved by buying the plastic item. Plastic does not break, as easily, it is very durable, easy to clean, not messy, and it almost sounds like the perfect choice to most people with out doubt. Most frozen foods that are bought like T.V dinners, frozen pizzas, meats, and chicken are wrapped in plastic wraps. It is a cheap and reliable method for the seller to pack there product in, due to the fact that it's would become to expensive to pack all there supplies in glass containers or something that wasn't as toxic as plastic, it almost sounds impossible(Johns Hopkins).

The level of dioxin in these plastics are extremely high, when fatty greasy food are cooked in plastic containers through microwaves, the toxins escape the container and enter the food in a matter of seconds due to the heat that is caused by the micro wave. Most people after buying a water bottle feel the need to fill it back up with water and use it again and do not discard until many uses of it have been made. While washing the bottle every time, there is scrubbing done, tiny particles of toxins escape the bottle, which then stay inside the water that is inserted in there and then gets drunk by the consumer(The L.A family Magazine). Scientist have come to the conclusion that this might be a big exaggeration created by terrified and paranoid people. Nothing is 100 percent sure, if all plastics are putting us at high risk. Research has been done on dog chew toys and more and more conclusions are being brought up every day. Dogs often will chew on there chew toys for several of hours straight, which may be causing the release of poisons into there body's. The result of the PVC dioxide entering causes liver and kidney damage, and high risks of cancers. There are plenty of more theories being brought up, while using plastic wrap to cover our foods, while they microwave, poisonous liquids melt off the plastic wrap and drop straight into our food. Not only does heating things up cause, the dioxins to escape (Modern



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