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Competition Case

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Competition is an essential reason for manager to always look for adapting new management ideas. Managers adapt new management idea trying to gain an edge over the competitors and promote itself as the "Go-ahead" to claim to have been far-sighted by being among the poineers . Or to imitate or match their competitors.

Managers sometime believe that the new management ideas because they believe it will drive efficiency, reduce cost, increase benefits or Profitability. Managers are always seeking any new ideas that helps increase productivity and increase effectiveness

New management ideas can be used as a vehicle which assists organisation change and can also act as an internal motivational device for manager and employee to relieve them from the boredom of the routine work through training and interventions by just showing that the organisation is paying attention to them they will stay motivated.

Some time it is older management ideas continued to have a major impact on management thinking and practise like wave (Huczynki, 2006).

Certain individual in the organsaion promote iideas and become the c champain who peomotes its adaption to increase that individual visibility in the organisation and demonistrate to others that this individual is creative and actively seeking new improvements.

but also managers gain career benefits of being 'idea champion'

It can be a 'Panacea conspiracy' where managers and consultants searching for the 'quick fix', Consultants know that the solution required is a long term but they also see that the manager lacks the knowledge and the commitment required to make sustain the solution so they advise manager with a quick fix rather than the long term solution

Consultants produce more ideas as they are the suppliers of many of these ideas , wellness program

Managers engage consultants to advise them on new management ideas because they are confused by the many ideas out there and they need advice on how to handle people , this was also a reason for making the management consultants simplify things and in some cases ignoring the statsictical fgure and reolying on anecdotal information.

"Me-tooism" , it is when manager see their peers .reference group implementing



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