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Communication Technology Above All

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Communication Technology Above All

Ernie Varhola

Technological changes in communications have had the greatest impact to life in our country. Communication technologies have been made affordable and available virtually to everyone. They provide people the ability to communicate and access knowledge in many different ways. Encyclopedia Britannica defines technology as “the application of scientific knowledge to the practical aims of human life or, as it is sometimes phrased, to the change and manipulation of the human environment” (“Technology,” 2008 "Definition," para. 1). Without communication, the application of scientific knowledge would not be possible. Even though some believe other technologies have had greater affects, communication has affect our lives the most because the sharing of knowledge has increased which has accelerated advances in all other forms of technology. Advances in communication have enhanced the ability of people to receive and exchange information with others.

The radio of the 1920’s is one example of the advancement in mass communication. While it coincided with another break through, the automobile, it affected more households because it was inexpensive for people to purchase. (The Impact of Technology on 1920s Life, 2008) It brought the country in touch with each other and informed them of happenings they may not have otherwise been informed. While they could not correspond, they were enlightened to issues from around the country.

Another advance in communication has been the telephone. The telephone has evolved from the first transcontinental overhead wire service in 1915(Bellis, 2008). The telephone or cell phone is now an inexpensive device an individual can carry along in his or her everyday life. These advances have given the population the ability to correspond with people they may never come in contact with. While this is amazing in itself, advances in the technology now allow a person to access something called the Internet.

Computers have become affordable which has led to 75% of the households in our country now have computers and 95% of the users access the Internet (Threlkeld, 2007). Since it evolved from ARPANET in 1969 (Zakon, 2008), the Internet has advanced and expanded knowledge more than all communication advances. This network system has given individuals the power to communicate and collect knowledge from around the globe. It has enhanced education and created a knowledge base that people can draw information. When people and groups can communicate, their knowledge is increased which enables them to perform and advance at an accelerated pace.

Communications technology includes broadcasting, computer science, information processing, photography, printing,



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