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Throughout school, History has always been a natural interest of mine. Not necessarily my favorite subject, being only third to Math and English, but the history of my race has definitely always been something that I have greatly valued. Now, being in the second week of US History II (since 1865), I have adapted an even greater appreciation for our history. However, I chose this particular section of the US History course because I would rather study my own personal history first, before I ventured into the broader history of mankind. Slavery, and the facts behind slavery and its reconstruction, has been an important factor in the history of our Nation since the incidents themselves had occurred. Other History classes that I have been in have always touched on similar subjects that we now discuss, but never as in depth as a college level History class.

Something that I am learning now that I have never known before is the actual process of the reconstruction of our Nation. Comparing and contrasting the different proposed reconstruction plans and learning about what exactly happened when and where, who was actually involved in the process of freeing my ancestors, and what their initial intent really was has made me feel more connected with my culture and ethnic background. It has made me feel stronger as a person to know what my ancestors actually went through in order for it to be possible for me to become the man that I am today and I really believe that I will continue to enjoy this class as the term progresses.



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