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Coca Cola and Pepsi Case

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Essay Preview: Coca Cola and Pepsi Case

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As management consultants, it is our job to help organizations improve overall performance by analyzing existing organizational problems and developing plans for improvement. After analyzing Pepsi's recruiting methods and cross referencing them with methods used by a similar competitor in the industry, Coca-Cola, it is evident to us that there were some things that could be improved to make the process more efficient. In general, Pepsi utilizes many of the same employee recruitment methods as Coca-Cola. However, Pepsi does not stress the importance of its official website in regards to recruiting new employees. Coca-Cola's website, on the other hand, provides a career section that definitively states what it offers and what it expects from potential workers while also listing specific reasons and benefits of working for the company. For example, they explained how not only they can help an employee grow through experience, but also lead him to different connections and opportunities that might not have been available. We highly recommend that Pepsi adopts this more effective recruiting strategy from Coca-Cola. Just as Pepsi should adopt more efficient methods from Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola can also take aspects from Pepsi in order to improve its recruiting methods. A more diverse workplace enables more innovation, effective decision-making, and ultimately a more engaged and productive workplace. In order to achieve such things within its company, Pepsi has strived in recent years to ensure that its workplace is more diversified concerning women. In 2012, Pepsi launched the Strategies for Successful Women's Program. This program was specifically designed to help female managers accelerate within the company and is highly appealing to women searching for jobs within the industry. If Coca-Cola adopts a similar program, it can significantly improve the caliber of female employees, and ultimately diversity, within the company.

Using the information that we have acquired through our weekly homework assignments, labor relations and unionization is a clear human resource policy that our primary company, Coca-Cola, must change in order to avoid criticism. As mentioned in our last homework assignment, in general, Coca-Cola has done a poor job managing its labor relations, and a result, has received harsh criticism. Coca-Cola has abducted and tortured family members of union activists. At the same time, the company has fired union members



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