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Club Case

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Clifford Wooden

Ms. Simmons

Social Issues

2 November 2012

Novel Essay

I and Jose are somewhat similar people, something goes wrong and he is left with all the responsibilities. He is scared he doesn't know what to do but he gets it together and come through for his family. He showed great responsibility in this book for example, on page 43 when it's right after the storm and he is on the porch with a flashlight he hears Mr. Ramirez in pain. He looks for him and fined him and helps him out. That was a good deed, he could have been selfish and ignored the cries and just been looking out for himself. I and Jose could be very helping together; we could maybe run an homeless institution. As long as we are helping others we can make a good contribution to the world. We could educate younger kids on what to do if a hurricane ever happens.

I once showed good responsibility when one day when my little brother was struggling with his homework and our mother was at work I helped him. Now he has good grades, and is doing better in school. I hope he takes school serious and pays attention, because education is very important.

Another time, was when I did my neighbor's lawn for her. She is elderly and I had noticed her grass was getting very high. So I knocked on her door and ask did she want me to do it free of charge. She said yes and soon after I was done she thanked me and gave me some money anyways.

Also, the other day a kid fell off his bike while I was outside. I helped him up and taught him how to ride it the right way. Later that day his dad came to my door and told me thank you and how much he appreciated it.

Not to mention, I've been taking my cousin to school every day. She is in college and her car broke down. She hasn't been able to get to school and she has no job so I figured I should help her out seeing that she's family.

Also, my dad hasn't been feeling well so I've been driving him around a lot. He has a heart problem; I try to be as helpful to others as much as I can. It's just the way I was raised who knows maybe it will all mean something in the end.

Jose shows great character when he is able to help his villagers using his English language skills. He was the one who was able to speak to the police after the hurricane. They thanked him for his help and time when they were done.

Also, he is part of a group who must search nearby trucha for supplies. He is a good person for going to look for food and water for others that are injured and hurt.

Another time, is when he wakes up after the hurricane, he hears cries from his neighbor house. He makes his way over there and notices he is hurt. He helps him to his and house and feeds him and lay him down.




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