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Cloning Case

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Is cloning ever acceptable?

Cloning is basically the process of making a full living copy of an organism or in this case a human being. Cloning can have either a positive or a negative effect. It effects not only the person being cloned but the people that come in contact with that person day to day can be effected deeply too. There are many pro's to cloning a human being and many situations where cloning is acceptable such as; cloning someone so that a mother who is infertile can have a child which is a huge miracle for a family. Another situation where cloning is completely acceptable is if for example a person dies in a car crash which ends there life short, cloning that person is kind of giving them a second chance in life and saving the family members from grief, pain and sadness.

These certain circumstances are great examples of which cloning should be very acceptable. Even though cloning sounds so awesome it's not all that good. There are many cons to cloning too, for example; the population of the earth will increase significantly and the residents will be half human and the rest will be clones. Another reason is that no one will be unique or special any longer. There will be more than one duplicate of someone and that will just make the world boring, dull and just plain confusing for their family friends and the person them self.

In my opinion I think cloning is not ever acceptable.



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