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Climbing Saturday: Relationship Between a Father and Her Daughter

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Essay Preview: Climbing Saturday: Relationship Between a Father and Her Daughter

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Climbing Saturday is a short story that reflects on how a young woman and the dad had survived over years by living with fear of impossibilities and over protection. The story presents the relationship that exists between a daughter and her father, and how time factor and other study perspectives bring about issues on survival. The relationship intensifies as the sixteen-year-old girl, Moira is about to go to a distant learning institution. This would mean separation from her single father Barry. This paper, therefore, seeks to address the relationship between a father and his daughter.

He is portrayed to have been single for a long time because his wife, the mother to Moira, had separated with him after divorce. The survival and relationship between Barry and Moira comes in, as the father wants the best for her daughter. He lives with a lot of fears of security and reflections of campus life that they underwent. Reflecting on the college life, he quotes, “Vic Hi’s a big school. You hear a lot. Everybody is on the Pill. The dope is there if you want it. There’s lots of opportunity.” He decides to climb a cliff. This comes out because of accident and many of his friends do not believe that he would make it through. He finally, manages to climb the cliff successfully. “I thought you were in trouble.” Moira said. I thought you were too.” He replied, matching his weakness with hers.”Barry, a single parent, has more worries over his daughter Moira who grows up independently. The main worry is how the two are distancing gradually from one another, even though they are a father and a teenage daughter.“Going to school 2000 miles away from home.” This is due to notion that as time goes by, people learn to separate and detach from friends, parents, or anyone who used to be too close. Barry’s worry mounts as he reflects on the possible lifestyle her daughter would adapt when she joins distant college.

The main conflict of this story, therefore, is the struggle that exists between Barry, a single parent, and her daughter Moira, a sixteen-year-old girl, who still feels there are many things to learn as she grows. The worry mounts on the father as a new setting of life would soon come her way to move to a college that is far off their home. “Are you all right? He shouted.” This was a sign of care to her daughter. The theme of this story, climbing Saturday is the hard relationship that often exists within families. The father and her daughter are living in fear over future occurrences that will have a huge impact on how they had been



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