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Civil War Advances

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The civil war introduced many new advances in industrial and technological development. Both the North and South used the railroad and river for transportation. The North (Union) was more technologically advanced than the South (Confederate States). The Union made better use of the railroad, had better military medicine, and had better weapons than the Confederacy.

The North was far more industrialized than the South was at the time. The North also contained some of the largest shipping ports. These ports allowed the United States to trade with other nations. The Northern States also built many new roads and turnpikes. The North had several canals as well. The Erie Canal connected New York City to the great lakes. Steamboats played a roll in the transportation of goods and people during the Civil War.

However, railroads played the biggest roll out of any kind of transportation that was used during the Civil War. According to Inventing America in the 1860's there was over 30,000 miles of track. Although both the North and the South used the railroad most of the track for the railroads was located in the North. Because of railroads and canals the cost of transportation dropped by 95 percent.

According to Inventing America the Northern Army was also more dominant at sea. The North had better ships than the South, including its ironclad vessels. The Army was also better trained, and better supplied.

The North had many new factories that were built during the 19th century. The Northern factories produced many of the textiles and artillery that was needed for the war. Therefore, the supplies that the Northern factories produced were sent to the Northern Soldiers. The South lacked the amount of factories that was needed for the constant demand of supplies that the soldiers needed in the field. The North's population was also several times that of the South, which allowed civilian manpower.

Inventing America says the South's biggest advantage was that they were fighting on their own terrain. As long as the South still existed after the war, they would be declared the winner. The South also had a strong military program that encouraged young men to join. Therefore, the South had several young men ready for war. In addition, the South had many great commanders including Robert E. Lee, Joseph Johnston, and "Stonewall" Jackson (Inventing America). However, the South



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