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Essay Preview: Christmas

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"Ross, did you get the tree up? It's been thirty minutes -" You cut yourself off as you enter the living room, eyes landing on your Christmas tree standing tall and bare in front of the large picture window. "Wow, you can actually do something," you joke, causing him to roll his eyes. "Now, will you go get the boxes of lights and ornaments out of the basement?" "Nope, I put the tree up, you go get the ornaments." Ross shakes his head, flopping down on the couch. "But Ross..." You whine, pouting your bottom lip out. Ross stares at you for several seconds before groaning loudly and pushing himself back up off the couch. He walks over to you, mumbling how you're lucky that he loves you, and places a quick kiss on your lips before disappearing around the corner. You examine the tree while he's gone getting the boxes, deciding to tease him when he gets back. As soon as he walks into the living room and places a stack of three cardboard boxes and four boxes of colorful lights onto the floor, you tilt your head to the side and furrow your brows, pretending to see something wrong with the tree. "Ross, baby, the tree's leaning a little farther to the left," you lie, still staring at the tree. "What? No, it's not," Ross ays, furrowing his eyebrows as he moves to stand behind you. "It's not leaning,Court," he says, wrapping his arms around your shoulders. You can't help but to let out a giggle as you spin around in his arms. "I know." You shrug innocently, still smiling. Ross frowns down at you, causing you to laugh in amusement. "I hate you sometimes," he says, still frowning. Your smile never falters, though, because you know he's not serious. "But you love me all the time," you sing-song, slipping out from his grip. "I guess I do," Ross murmurs, wrapping his arms around your waist, stopping you from walking over to the boxes of decorations. "Ross! We need to put the decorations on! The tree is naked!" You squeal, giggling a bit. "I wish you were naked," he says, and you can practically hear the grin in his tone. "Ross!" You exclaim, smacking his arm. He finally lets go of you and you spin around, being met by a widely smiling Lynch. "It's time to decorate, the naked part comes later," you joke, rolling your eyes as you turn back towards the boxes. "Is that a promise?" Ross questions, now smirking at you. You don't reply, just shoot him a quick wink before grabbing the top box of lights. You open the box and plug the lights into the extension cord before beginning to wrap them around the bottom of the tree. Three boxes of lights later, and you're having to stretch up to be able to reach. You let out a huff and glance over your shoulder at Ross , who is sitting on the couch, arms behind his head, feet propped up on the coffee table, and an amused grin on his face. "You could help, y'know," you say, rolling your eyes as he lazily shrugs at you. After five more minutes of struggling and Ross laughing at you, he finally decides to help you. "Here, baby," he says, taking the string of lights from your hand and easily wrapping them around the tree. You step back and watch as he grabs the fourth and final box of lights, and wraps them around the very top of the tree with ease, as well. Once he's done, he looks over at you with a smug smile, causing you to roll your eyes and playful shove him, before taking a few steps back and admiring the tree. "You missed a spot," you lie again, teasing him. Just like last time, he furrows his eyebrows and steps back to examine the tree, turning to glare at you once he realizes you're teasing him again. "Time for the ornaments!" You cheer, before he can say anything. You open the first box of ornaments and glance over



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