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A Christmas Carol

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The story is about Ebeneezer Scrooge. He is a stubborn and straight-

laced man. He is visited by three ghosts: the Ghost of Christmas Past,

Present and Future. After the visits, he decides to be merry and jolly and

make other people realize that there is more to life than being mean.

The high point in the story is when Ebeneezer is visited by Jacob Marley's ghost and the other three ghosts.

The two lessons that I learned is that there is more to life than money and that you should be caring and giving to other people.

In the reading, the play and the movie, there were many similarities. They all had Scrooge, Marley's ghost, Tim and Bob Cratchit, Mr. Fezzwig, Belle, Fan, Old Joe and Scrooge's housekeeper. The other three ghosts that he was visited by were the Ghost of Christmas Past, the Ghost of Christmas Present and the Ghost of Christmas Future. Also, they all were about Scrooge and his visits with the three spirits.

There were also many differences between the movie, reading and the play. When you read The Christmas Carol, you can picture in your mind what is happening. In the movie, you see what is going on in front of you instead of reading it. In the play, they skipped parts from the reading and the movie and it was shown in a theatre.

Out of all of the three, the play, the movie and the reading, I liked the play the best. I liked the play the best because it was a good opportunity to get out of school for a while and also I liked seeing it happening right in front of me. I think the best character in the play was Jacob Marley's ghost.



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