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A Christmas Carol

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In the telling one could sense that something was coming:

"To see the dingy cloud come drooping down, obscuring

everything, one might have thought that Nature

lived hard by, and was brewing on a large scale"

Perhaps the fog could be seen as the "wool pulled over people's eyes (Pg 11) where as it obscured all. The contrasts of rich and poor are displayed in the difference of the men waming themselves in the fire outside and the mayor in his house with his 50 cooks preparing the Christmas meal.

The hearse going up the stairs as if there were room for change.

but I mean to say you

might have got a hearse up that staircase, and taken

it broadwise, with the splinter-bar towards the wall

and the door towards the balustrades: and done it

easy. There was plenty of width for that, and room

to spare; which is perhaps the reason why Scrooge

thought he saw a locomotive hearse going on before

him in the gloom.

The hat on the spirit of christmas' past's head

"What.' exclaimed the Ghost,' would you so soon put

out, with worldly hands, the light I give. Is it not enough

that you are one of those whose passions made this cap, and

force me through whole trains of years to wear it low upon

my brow.'

Scrooge reverently disclaimed all intention to offend

or any knowledge of having wilfully bonneted the Spirit at

any period of his life. He then made bold to inquire what

business brought him there.



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