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Child Abuse

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With Black and Blue bruises imbedded into her body, a six year old girl sits in her closet, crying. Hiding herself from the rest of the world. More hurt not by the physical punches she endured, but knowing it was her own father's fists being the one throwing them in a drunken rage. After reading this essay over 228 children will be Physically, Mentally, and also Emotionally abused by their parents in the United States alone.

Imagine being tossed across the room. Now imagine sitting in the middle of the bedroom, playing with toys at six years old. Being violently thrown like a baseball the exact same way, by a parent twice the size. This is physical child abuse. Over 90 percent of childern that are abused, are abused by their own parents.

Improper treatment to ones young mind. Mental abuse is like a drug, injected everday and in the end can kill.Yelling at a child and telling them they are unwanted, ugly, and fat are sayings parents misconstrude for corrected critism. Parents want to help by letting the child know there is something wrong hoping they will fix it. Tough love is mental abuse.

Some once said, "It is better to love and lost, then to be never loved at all." Abused children try to ignore emotion. With coping with their

own emotions, their own parents set on them, they abuse their own bodies. Cutting. Anorexia. Suicide. When learning that love is a punch to their own eye, and screaming towards their face, these are ways an abused child deals with their emotions. So is it better to be loved then lost? Not to these children, to them they wish they never learned the emotion of love.

Race, Gender, background, abuse ignores no one. Everyone will indure some type of abuse, at least one point in life. Whether it be by physically hitting, mentally yelling, or ignoring ones emotions. Abuse is a problem.



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