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Chastity Miller

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I've heard a lot about Jim Collins books on business, and how wonderful they are but this is the first one I actually read on my own. This was a quick read for me and very inspiring, although the text seemed a bit repetitive. Jim observed seven different companies, and this is the research he used to form his theme. (I must say this book was well researched) In some ways "Great by choice" is similar to other books I've read on running a business. The advice and strategies were undeniably the right course of action if you want your business to become great. I'm involved in business myself; I am the Vice President of a new and upcoming group, Ball-N-Chain Entertainment. I think I can definitely benefit from a lot of the inside tips that Jim gave out in the Book. In my opinion this book basically explains why some companies become great while others don't despite experiencing similar uncertainty, chaos, and luck. Furthermore, Jim believes success is based on action and discipline. However I believe success depends upon how we strive to work hard for ourselves and not what the world does for us.

Though it may not seem "Great by Choice" have its own components as well. Jim Collins broke it down in five basic strategies (stages). These strategies are 10xers, 20 Mile March, Fire Bullets, then Cannonballs, Leading above the death Line, and SmaC. I'm going to focus on giving you a little idea of what Chapter five "Leading above the death line" is mainly about, Then I will show you how it this chapter pertains to my life. From my perspective chapter five was based on two key dimensions which are, building cash reserves and buffers and zoom out, then zoom in,. Now we will examine each of these dimensions, and show how they pertain to my life. Let's take the first dimension Building cash reserves and buffers to prepare for bad luck before it happens. I believe I can compare this term to my life in two different ways. One way is through my business life. I'm currently Ball-N-Chains Vice president, and this group consists of a little bit of everything. We have Disc jockeys, Dancer, Singers, rapper, and many more things as promote parties, and even have sponsored a few of our own. Furthermore, when going into events as such (Hosting parties) you're never guaranteed success. Basically you're going off of pure luck and promotions, for the reason that you have a lot of competitors out their



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