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Channel Islands

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Channel Islands

The Channel Islands National Park is filled with animal life. The park has an amazing variety of animals from land to aquatic. The Channel Islands National Park consists of eight islands. Along the coasts of most of these islands, there are mass numbers of seals and sea lions. There are also a large variety of birds. One of the national parks rarest birds is the brown pelican, which mostly reside on the West Anacapa Island. The brown Pelican is also heavily Protected under the Endangered Species Act. People seem to be most interested in the parks large variety of whales. The humpback whale is very common during the fall. They can easily be spotted off the coast. Another very popular whale is the orca whale. Orcas are most common in the winter because of the gray whale migration. Orcas are known for hunting the gray whale, seals, and sea lions. The most common animal of all would be the California sea lion. They can be seen on all eight of the islands. Their diet consists mainly of small fish and aquatic plants. They are sometimes hunted down by the great white shark. The common dolphin are also seen in large groups around the islands. They often travel in groups of 15 sometimes accompanying other whales. The Channel Islands national park is most popular for its large variety of marine animals. These aquatic animals can be seen around the islands all throughout the year. Some may only be seen in specific seasons.



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