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Cell Phone in Today Culture

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Ring, Ring Your Freedom Away

Mobile phone also known as a cell phone to some people has come along way. Starting out as a bulky, undependable phone of the past; where only the business man and the wealthy can afford this piece of expensive technology. To the present day low cost personal item with everything you need on the go. However the way cell phones are being used nowadays is so distracting that we can't help but wonder if the benefits from this innovation product it provides us are outweighed by its consequences.

Cell phones have become one of the most popular technological advances over the last decade. It started out as a bulky piece of technology the size of a foot long sub, to the present cell phone which is the size of a deck of playing cards, but half the thickness. At first you can only have reception or use the phone at major city center to eventually the whole globe. In the beginning, it was built for only one function and that is to make phone calls. Now it's the Swiss army knife of the high tech society: you can play mobile games, take picture, organize you schedule in it organizer, listen to MP3 or the radio, surf the internet and a lot more.

More and more people are buying cell phones due to the many advantages in which they provide. One of the biggest advantages of cell phones is that they are very convenient. You can clip a cell phone to your belt of carry one in your pocket or purse. You can call anyone from almost anywhere. Another advantage is that people can get a hold of you fast in case of an emergency situation. On September 11, 2001, two major airliners crashed into the World Trade Center in New York City. The passengers on the airplanes had called their loved-ones on their cell phone to hear there voice for the last time. Not only that, but when a car break down a cell phone dose come in handy, especially in Canadian winter. The benefit of have a Cell phone has become a tool for people of all age and interest.

People aren't using cell phones any more to relay messages; instead, they're being used as social crutches. Nowadays cell phones are use as an instrument to pass on gossip faster and longer distance. No one is saying that gossip and drama can't be spread amount friends, but they so be on you own time and in a private place. Chances are that no one else really wants to hear it. It's concerning that people are either so indifferent of their privacy or so eager of attention that they are willing to reveal extremely personal information to anyone within a sizeable radius. If it's not information you would want to be republished in a newspaper, keep your cell phone conversations discrete.

Along the same lines, forgetting to turn off a cell phone during a class, a movie or any other formal occasion is as credible of an excuse as a dog eating one's homework. When walking into a theater or a classroom, recognize that an inadvertent



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