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Cell Phone Usage

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Cell phones have become a big part of today's society, with everyone from kids in elementary school to senior citizens having one. Many people nowaday are always using a cell phone from whatever location or place they are and many are starting to wonder if a school is a place to allow cell phones. There is two sides to this topic, some say that students should be allowed to have cell phones in school for the learning environment to help them achieve. But on the other hand people say that cellphones cause a distraction in the class learning environment and due to the usage of them in class they cause a lack of focus, instead students are on their cell phones doing whatever instead of paying attention and learning.

To start off the limit of cell phone usage in classrooms should be limited due to the lack of focus in class. Cell phones usage has been causing a lack of focus in class while students should be paying attention a survey conducted that ¨80% of that cohort reported using their cell phones at least once a period, with 75% saying that doing so was either acceptable or sometimes acceptable. So apparently from the student perspective, we’re not talking about a disruption they consider serious. Perhaps that’s because 92% of those in this survey didn’t believe that using their phones had negative effects.¨ What this is basically saying is that ⅘ students were reported that they have checked their cell phone at least once during the class period and that 9/10 have denied that using their cell phone during the period did not cause a distraction to check it. What this illustrates is that students lose their attention span/focus in the class period to check or see what has been happening on their device causing the students to lose focus. Instead of paying attention or doing what they are supposed to be doing in class they are on their cell phones losing the attention in class. Another example of this is from An article ¨Cell phones and text messaging in schools¨ has been stated that “Ringing cell phones can disrupt classes and distract students who should be paying attention to their lessons at hand.” What this is saying is that another way that cell phones are causing a distraction in multiple ways and one of the way is the cell phone ringing in class. What this demonstrates is that if students phones are ringing in class,it will not only distract the owner of the cell phone but it will also distract other



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