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Case Management Functions

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1. to assess the individual's ability to meet environmental challenges

2. to assess the caring capacity of the individual's family and primary group

3. to assess resources within the formal system of care

4. to enable individuals to use their personal resources in meeting environmental changes and challenges.

5. to facilitate effective negotiation by individuals for resources from families or primary groups and formal service providers.

6. to facilitate effective interchanges between families or primary groups and the formal system of care.

7. to evaluate the ongoing needs of the individual

8. to evaluate the extent to which the individual is adequately by both the family or primary group and the formal system of care.

9. to evaluate the extent to which the efforts of the family or primary group are integrated with those of the formal care system.

The case worker must first understand the individual's circumstances, needs and challenges and determine their strengths and weaknesses in order to know the what goals can or cannot be made.

The case worker must find out if there are any family members beside the individual that can help in the case of the individual or whether, some need to be helped as well.

It is now the duty of the case worker to determine what resources within the organization can offer the most beneficial assistance.

The job of the case worker, not only provides temporary or long term assistance to clients, but helps to inspire and teach individuals how to make change and help themselves.

Case workers often have networks across the human services span, in which they refer client's to for additional or the right assistance. They can also determine if a possible family member may be able to help the individual in need of help under certain circumstances. However, on the downside there may no other family member to offer help, or some may be unwilling. The case worker will now have to decide which other route to take in



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