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Camera Phones - Helpful or Dangerous?

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Essay Preview: Camera Phones - Helpful or Dangerous?

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The article I chose from Cosmopolitan magazine is one that tells about problems concerning the new technology implemented in cellular phones. These days, most new cell phones come with cameras on them and the article talks about how some people, mostly men, though it's not limited to men, are using the cameras to "upskirt." An example of upskirting is when a man points his cell phone between a woman's legs when she is wearing a short skirt and takes a picture. A woman from a consumer advocacy group is quoted in the article talking about how since it isn't illegal to take pictures in public (usually) it makes it hard to catch a perpetrator. Besides upskirting, experts are worried that criminals might start using their camera phones to take pictures of your credit cards and pin numbers when you are checking out at a store. Because most cell phones are also equipped with e-mail, these pictures along with upskirting pictures can end up on the internet in a matter of seconds. There aren't any laws protecting potential victims which makes it hard to prevent camera phone crimes.

I think that the new technology in cell phones is scary, but it is also a reality. Many people have cell phones with cameras, myself included, and while most don't use the cameras for harm, some do. I believe that women need to be aware of their surroundings at all times and if they are, there is less of a chance they will become victim to things such as upskirting. This definitely affects my personal life because anywhere I go I could become a victim of stolen credit card information. While I think it is a big deal, I think that looking out for yourself is one of the only ways to prevent it from happening. Chances are most places that are heavily crowded will not ban cell phones, so until that happens, I will be aware of the people around me and pay attention to my surroundings.



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