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How Can Artificial Intelligence Help Us?

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Essay Preview: How Can Artificial Intelligence Help Us?

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How Can Artificial Intelligence Help Us?

Introductory Paragraph, including thesis statement

I. Description of Artificial Intelligence

A. Descriptions of AI

1. Definition of AI

2. Coined in 1956

B. How AI can be achieved

1. Specialized software

2. Specialized computer systems

3. Add-on applications

C. How can we measure the ability to think

1. Relative brain-power

2. Usefulness of the application

II. How AI is developed

A. Neural Networks

1. Membrane of neurodes

2. Chain of past experiences

3. Learns on its own

B. Fuzzy Logic

1. Recommends an outcome

2. Definition of fuzzy logic

3. Assigns values to all factors

4. More than a yes or no format

5. Highly fault tolerant

C. Chaos Engineering

1. Evaluates several variables

2. Predicts massive chaotic systems

3. Finds order to random phenomena

D. Knowledge-based systems (KBS)

1. Maintains large knowledge base

2. Facts programmed into rules

3. Only as good as the information

E. Expert Systems

1. Database of information

2. Limited to structured rules

3. Use symbolic representations

F. Case-bases reasoning (CBR)

1. Allows a system to store and analyze data

2. Analyzes each case uniquely

III. How AI can be used

A. Neural Networks

1. Military aircraft

2. S&P index

3. Recognizing new patterns of credit-card fraud

B. Fuzzy logic

1. Washing machines

2. Vacuum cleaners

3. AC's

C. Chaos theory

1. Wall street

2. Ability to predict and diagnose heart disease

D. Expert systems

1. Employee Training

2. Wisdom Simulators

3. Industry applications

E. KBS and CBR

1. Help desks

2. Law

3. Paroling inmates

IV. Recommendations

A. Neural Nets

1. Best for sifting through super large information sets.

2. Requires huge amounts of processing power, sometimes parallel

B. Fuzzy Logic

1. Excellent for market buying

2. Cheap, low processor requirements

3. Handles only a limited amount of variables

C. Chaos Engineering

1. Best for analyzing a large amount of variables

2. Primitive, large amount of processing power very high learning curve

D. CBR and KBS

1. Supplements expert systems with powerful search engines

2. Requires an expert system already in place

E. Expert systems

1. Simple analyzes almost anything

2. Archaic very limited in scope


Ryan Cassidy

Mr. Inman

English 102

20 March 1996

How Can Artificial Intelligence Help Us?

Recently, the media has spent an increasing amount of broadcast time on new technology. The focus of high-tech media has been aimed at the flurry of advances concerning artificial intelligence (AI). What is artificial intelligence and what is the media talking about? Are these technologies beneficial to our society or mere novelties among business and marketing professionals? Medical facilities, police departments, and manufacturing plants have all been changed by AI but how? These questions and many others are the concern of the general public brought about by the lack of education concerning rapidly advancing computer technology.

Artificial intelligence is defined as the ability of a machine to think for itself. Scientists and theorists continue to debate if computers will actually be able to think for themselves at one point (Patterson 7). The generally accepted theory is that computers do and will think more in the future. AI has grown rapidly in the last ten years chiefly because of the advances in computer architecture. The term artificial intelligence was actually coined in 1956 by a group of scientists having their first meeting on the topic (Patterson 6). Early attempts at AI were neural networks modeled after the ones in the human brain. Success was minimal at best because of the lack of computer technology needed to calculate such large equations.

AI is achieved



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